Medway’s Reputed Porsche Repair & Service Center

Cool no matter who is driving them and consistently reinventing themselves to fit each new generation of drivers, Porsche laps the field when it comes to German luxury vehicles. Everyone from James Dean to Paul Newman have slid behind the wheel of a Porsche and for good reason: there is no car that has better combined luxury, comfort and power to create a driving experience as unique as what Porsche has managed to do for decades. Lightweight, responsive and easily maneuverable, there is no substitute for the joy of hitting an open road and hearing the engine roar as you feel each twist and turn.

To ensure the good times never end with your drives, it is important that you find quality service for your Porsche from mechanics that understand the maintenance and work that goes in to making sure that your Porsche stays in top condition to deliver the performance that you expect. For Porsche drivers in Medway, MA as well as the surrounding Franklin, Millis, Norwood, Holliston, Norfolk and Medfield areas, Medway Imports is the service center that you and your car have been looking for. Our staff of Porsche specialists have years of experience servicing Porsches of all models and ages and are confident that no matter what the issue is, they can have it properly diagnosed and taken care of before it spreads with the same high quality you would get from the dealership but at a fraction of the cost.

Keeping your Porsche original is one of the key reasons they are able to maintain and increase in value over the years and should your Porsche need any repair work done, our friendly staff will work with you to ensure that manufacturer parts are ordered and installed, maintaining the integrity and design that your Porsche was made with. Made for summer days and open roads, every Porsche vehicle looks better on the road as opposed to on the side of it and with the specialists at Medway Imports, your car will stay properly serviced so that you can enjoy each drive as if it is your first.