Trusted Oil Leak Repair & Service in Medway, MA

Any leaks coming from your car should be cause for concern and an immediate call to get your vehicle checked out by mechanics but oil leaks take it a step further. Engine oil is crucial to healthy performance for your car and losing oil to a leak leads to catastrophic damages that can render your car obsolete and useless at a moments’ notice. There are numerous potential causes of an oil leak in your vehicle so it’s important that you take your vehicle to a quality mechanic that can quickly and accurately find the problem.

For drivers in Medway, MA the expert mechanics at Medway Imports have provided comprehensive repairs for oil and fluid leaks for years. Our service center features all of the tools and equipment needed to service popular European vehicles including:

Common Causes For Oil Leaks

With years of experience working with European vehicles we have the knowledge and training needed to quickly find the most common causes of oil leaks in your make and model. We repair all oil leaks including:

  • Worn out engine gaskets
  • Leaking oil pans
  • Failing oil seals
  • Cracked cylinder head
  • Broken dipstick tubes

Our mechanics use the latest factory tools and equipment and manufacturer replacement parts and materials to ensure that any leak is properly repaired. We also perform a complete inspection to ensure that no long-term damage has been done throughout your engine.

Our Commitment to Quality

For years we’ve provided drivers in Medway with the same high quality customer service we have since day one. We also help drivers from:

If your car is leaking oil or you are noticing unusual performance issues or smells then call Medway Imports today. Our mechanics are here to help you with anything you may need for your vehicle so schedule your next maintenance appointment and drive with confidence.