Top-Notch Brake Repair & Service Shop in Medway

One of the most important features in any European vehicle are the brakes. Fast acceleration and smooth handling only go so far without the ability to come to smooth or sudden stops depending on the situation. Proper brake repair is a crucial part of your vehicle’s maintenance program. Leaving your brakes unchecked or improperly serviced can lead to numerous problems with your entire car so finding quality mechanics is just as important as the services themselves.

At Medway Imports we provide drivers with comprehensive brake repairs and services that follow their specific make and model’s maintenance plan. Our services include the following European brands:

Complete Brake Services in One Location

For years Medway Imports has offered comprehensive brake services and repairs for drivers throughout Medway, MA and the surrounding areas. Using the latest tools and equipment we provide your car with everything from:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Fluid top-off/replacement
  • Leaking brake line repair
  • Accelerated brake pad wear and tear
  • Damaged brake rotors
  • Screeching or other unusual sounds

We guarantee each of our services so that you know your brakes will be there for whenever you may need them.

Guaranteed Service in Your Neighborhood

Medway Imports is conveniently located in Medway, MA and proudly services the following areas:

This way no matter where you’re coming from there is fast and affordable service available for your vehicle.

Call us today to schedule any brake repairs you may need with one of our expert mechanics or for any appointments or questions regarding additional maintenance for your vehicle.