High Quality Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Medway

A cool air conditioning is one of the most important parts of surviving long drives during the summer. If left unattended throughout the year you may be faced with issues like:

  • No airflow at all
  • Poor airflow circulation
  • Unusual smells coming from vents
  • Hot air blowing from vents

Any one of these issues can be a pain to deal with during the summer and they can also indicate larger air conditioning services are required. At Medway Imports in Medway, MA we provide comprehensive air conditioning services and repairs for the most popular European brands. We currently service the following brands:

Repairing All Problems

No matter what is plaguing your car’s air conditioner our staff is able to find the cause and solution by using:

Our services are always guaranteed to be accurate and long lasting so that when you’re preparing for the summer months a faulty air conditioning is the last of your worries.

Preparing Your Car to Beat the Heat

Located in Medway, MA, Medway Imports also services vehicles from:

Whether your car needs air conditioning repairs to be ready for summer or you’re in need of additional services or maintenance please call Medway Imports today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert mechanics.