Medway’s Top Quality Saab Repair & Service Shop

With passionate supports that have stuck with the brand for decades, Saab has stayed relevant even as other brands of luxury vehicle have come and gone, despite the fact that they are no longer even in production. Saab enthusiasts often speak on the brand’s reliability and a balanced blend of comfort and power that other car manufacturers simply cannot strike. However, because they are no longer in production, finding service for them is not as easy as finding the nearest Jiffy Lube and calling it a day, instead, Saab owners are as passionate about the service their car receives as they are the car itself.

For over 20 years, the certified Saab specialists at Medway Imports have been handling the needs of Saab owners with a level of care and attention to detail that other service centers simply cannot match. Our staff of Bosch certified mechanics will confidently and quickly take care of whatever you may need, from scheduling routine maintenance appointments to conducting any of your service needs such as oil and fluid changes or realignments and tire rotations with the same equipment you would find at a dealership or manufacturer, guaranteeing your car gets the same level of service you would expect.

Servicing vehicles from Medway and also the Franklin, Millis, Norwood, Holliston, Norfolk and Medfield, MA areas, Medway Imports has offered drivers an alternative to the dealership that is a friendlier and more customer service oriented service center for repairs and routine maintenance on Saabs and other imports without sacrificing any quality when it comes to the work itself.

For many Saab owners one of the most important parts of repairs made to their vehicles is in keeping it 100% original and using only Saab parts. At Medway Imports our goal is to give your vehicle the high quality of service that it needs while working to use only Saab parts to ensure that your car stays original, upholding both the standard that it was built to as well as the safety specifications and requirements.
Call one of our specialists today at 508-533-3555 and schedule a service appointment for your Saab.